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Supernatural Audience Demographics

posted by Z2Solutions on August 24, 2017

supernatural audience demographics


When Supernatural was originally pitched to producers, it was aimed at a young male demographic, but if you look at today’s supernatural audience demographics, they tell a completely different story.

The writers, Katherine Larsen and Lynn S. Zubernis admit that now the audience is roughly 80-20 female, which was a surprise to them, but they’ve managed to cater for this shift in demographics.

Larsen said at a Supernatural convention in Washington that for the first year they didn’t realize that so many people who were watching the show were women. They were surprised, because they had guns, cars and classic rock, that it would surely draw a male audience.

The progression from the assumption of a male audience to catering for a female audience can also be seen through the female characters in the show. In the first few seasons, female characters were introduced as one dimensional stereotypes with the intention of “sexing up” the show. Eventually the writers began introducing stronger female roles with more back story.

“This current crop of writers is very aware what the fans’ views have been in the past, and most of them are feminist leaning writers, so, I think it’s a little different nine seasons down the road,” Zubernis said at the convention.

Looking at the chart below of Supernatural’s IMDB ratings, there are more female voters overall, so this backs up the theory that the show has more of a female following. Although the level of male voters is skewed by a higher number of male IMDB users.

supernatural audience demographics