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Tinder Plus: Who’s ACTUALLY using it?

posted by Z2Solutions on March 30, 2015

Can you put a cost on mobile, online dating? Tinder Plus Can and did! For users between the ages of 18 and 29 wanting to find a match, it’s just $9.99 per month….But if you’re one of the unlucky over 30s still swiping away it’s going to cost you $19.99

Why the pricing difference?
User demographic comes into play with the two Tinder Plus pricing tiers. Tinder noted that in the testing phase of the app the younger demographic was just as excited however more budget constrained, needing a lower price to push them over the edge, and cough up the money for the premium service.

But it’s not all about exploiting the bigger budgets of the older generation, users get Passport (Tinder in your destination city so you can have dates lined up for when you land) and Undo Feature (for when you accidentally swipe left on your future husband or wife).

Who will pay?
When you take into account the target demographic are young, casual daters and combine that with the difficulty other dating services have had in attracting paying members (especially of the younger demographic), it doesn’t look promising for Tinder Plus. In fact, Morgan Stanley believes that only 5-6% of users will make the shift to Tinder Plus (Business Insider).

What’s your opinion on demographic based pricing? Let us know!