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The Demographics of Binge Watching

posted by Z2Solutions on December 23, 2013

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. Gone are the days of eagerly waiting the next episode to see if your favorite character would make the morally questionable decision or take the high ground, the new way to consumer TV is through binge-watching – at least according to a recent Netflix survey.



Binge-watching is defined as “watching between 2 to 6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting” and is common across all demographic age gr0ups, although 18-34 year olds indulge in binge watching slightly more than others. Interestingly, Netflix’s new show for kids, Turbo FAST will not be available for binge watching as Season 1 is broken up – causing some to speculate on if this is an attempt to curb binge watching.


Cultural anthropologist, Grant McCracken worked with Netflix to uncover why bing-watching was so popular, especially across all demographics. McCracken believes it is a perfect mixture of the current economic climate, better TV and the exponential growth of digital media. Also the new found control TV watchers have thanks to services like Netflix. McCracken also believes the adoption of binge-watching is a result of the 140 character limited digital world we live in – consumers are no longer tuning in to TV to tune out from the real world, instead we are tuning in on our own terms, and using it as a new kind of escapism.