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Demographics of College Students

posted by Z2Solutions on March 22, 2017

demographics of college students


Demographics of college students show that those studying at elite colleges are even richer than experts realized, according to a new study based on millions of anonymous tax filings and tuition records.

At almost 40 of the colleges in the US (Including five Ivy League) more students are from the top 1 per cent on the income scale than from the entire 60 per cent.

One in four students in the 1 percent attend an “elite” college (universities that typically top the annual rankings).

Where today’s 25-year-olds went to college, grouped by their parents’ income:


About four in 10 students from the top 0.1 percent attend an Ivy League or elite university, roughly equivalent to the share of students from poor families who attend any two- or four-year college.

Although it is easy to imagine the “typical” dorm life of college, this image actually applies to very few students.  Only 14% of all college students – or 25% of full-time students – live on campus. Meanwhile, 24% of students (in both the full-time and part-time statistics) live at home with their parents. In other words, just as many students are typical on-campus college students as are commuting to school from their parents’ house.

Why, then, do we continue to think of college more as “Animal House” than “Community”?