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The Over 50s Market You Should Be Targeting

posted by Z2Solutions on February 21, 2017

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Many industries already target the baby boomer generation, such as the banking industry, but have you ever considered the over 50s market you should be targeting?

They call it the mature market for seniors marketing. The trouble is, aging boomers don’t neatly fit into this category. For the over 50s today, age is only a number and “seniors” defines who their parents and grandparents are.

Four tips for targeting the over 50s market:

1. Don’t call out their age

The number one thing that drives the baby boomer generation is that they don’t want to be perceived as old. They hate words like “senior,” “elderly,” and “aged” and they resent being reminded that they’re over the hill. Retirement no longer means inactivity, and leave it up to the Baby Boomers to make sure you know it!

Everyones got a bucket list and over 50s feel entitled to live the good life – even if the good life involves using adult diapers. Adult diaper company Depends uses actors in their 40s and 50s to target consumers who are typically in their 60s and beyond.

2. Eyes wide open

If brands want to maintain the appeal of this market they need to make their content accessible by avoiding confusing wording or fonts that are too gimmicky. Apple is a brand that does this well. We all represent Apple with simplicity, but did you ever stop and think that they’re not doing this just for the younger generations? The company produces cutting-edge technology but still manages to be intuitive with its products and online services,

Sherwin Williams have enlarged the font on their paint cans so that this target market don’t have to squint to purchase a lick of paint. Imagine trying to hold up a paint tin while putting on reading glasses! Companies can take a hint from this type of marketing, even for website development. Increasing font, having a little more white space and more visuals than writing- it’s just basic website design anyway.

3. The “Me generation”

Journalist Tom Wolfe dubbed Baby Boomers the “Me generation” after post-WWII economic prosperity.

This generation is all about the discos, hot tubs, lava lamps and parties. Brands can take from this what they will but it’s best to think bright colours and funky music to grab this generation’s attention. If brands want to tap into the self-absorbed psyches of wealthy 60-year-olds, they should use the second person in ads to draw the customer in. It’s a personalized approach they expect. These boomers are used to having someone wait on them, so even on social media, you want to make sure customer service and engagement is high quality.

4. Reputation is king

The fast pace of the digital world can be unsettling for this generation, but more and more baby boomers are actually switching on to social media platforms such as Facebook. It has become increasingly important for brands to stick to their guarantees and help boomers figure out new products, step by step.

This generation wants service that’s customized for them, it’s all about them. Customer service, user-friendly websites, targeted marketing, and sleek design are appreciated beyond this generation. Making sure these elements come together in a way that doesn’t make the consumer feel old or doted over is crucial to marketing to this specific demographic.