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Baseball demographics – viewer demographics & 2016 baseball season

posted by Z2Solutions on May 13, 2016

2016 Baseball season is officially here!

And while you may have missed your team’s opening game, there are still plenty of opportunities to watch another baseball game. Known as “America’s Pastime”, baseball trumps football as the top sport in the United States. The sport has a higher percentage of Americans who say they’re not only a fan, but also claim it’s their favorite sport to watch.

 2016 baseball season

Most typically, when a person thinks about the baseball viewing population, they usually think it would be an older crowd. According to several sources, the MLB’s popularity is increasingly dying down each year and younger people aren’t as interested in playing or watching the game. The following statistics, according to Nielsen’s Year in Sports Media report, provide some context as to who exactly is watching baseball:

  • 50% are 55 or older

  • 26% are between the age 33 – 54

  • 70% are male

  • 83% are white

Upon looking at the above statistics, it becomes easier to determine what the baseball-viewing fan base looks like. It’s apparent that not as many young people are watching baseball games – 24% of viewers are under the age of 33. Can it be that the sport is infact dying out? As likely as that may seem, primetime television tells a different story.

Many sources state that baseball viewership on television has declined. However, baseball still controls prime time television on both the cable and broadcast levels. Out of 30 teams in the Major League Baseball, 11 of them had the highest ratings this last year. Those 11 also contained the greatest number of viewers for a local, prime-time program in both broadcast and cable networks.

It’s hard to tell whether baseball viewership is lessening, or if it’s dependent on the age group watching. Whatever the case, we can conclude that baseball probably isn’t going anywhere, so batter up.

2016 baseball season